AI-powered Visual Lab Intelligence Platform for scientists

Your operating system for the lab of the future – streamline lab data capture & analysis to accelerate R&D, improve compliance, and gain detailed insight into any of your experiments.

Anything eye can do, Lumi does better

  • Acts as an extra set of eyes for monitoring and live streaming multiple experiments simultaneously, ensuring data integrity and reducing R&D timelines.
  • Seamlessly integrates experiment monitoring with other scientific tasks.
  • Acts as an additional pair of hands as well, taking care of data capture during critical moments (literally freeing up the scientist’s hands).
  • Significantly reduces the man hours spent on manual data capture – the scientist only needs to review and verify captured data.
  • Enhances and streamlines external vendor management through real-time, easily accessible data logs, improving operational transparency.

Deliver value within one week

Plug-and-Play setup

A typical setup takes minutes to get Lumi up and running, and you can place it wherever you want.

Endless integration capabilities

Lumi API enables flexible integration with most lab software and technology providers; there are no limitations to integration on Lumi's side.

Unlimited scalability

Lumi’s flexible architecture accommodates the evolving needs of modern labs with ease, from small-scale experiments to large, multi-site operations.

Innovating together since 2020

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“The pandemic has really shown that speed to market is absolutely essential for good patient outcomes and technology like Lumi really helps us drive that speed, it helps us create medicines more quickly and it gets deeper understanding of what we’re doing all in the same package. Lumi’s team is helping lead us to a deeper understanding of new capabilities that this sort of technology offers, and they’ve been super responsive to all the different ideas and thoughts for collaborations we’ve had.”

Dr Sam Whitmarsh, Director of Analytical Science and Digital Transformation at CatSci
Dr Sam Whitmarsh
Director of Analytical Science and Digital Transformation
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